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The company's Major Projects Division undertakes larger projects including the construction of new buildings on Greenfield sites, large scale upgrades and refurbishments of existing buildings, and projects involving technical complexity.

In helping to build your business, Cercol Construction Services will ensure that your project objectives are achieved in a cost effective and professional manner.

We have building capabilities and proven processes that guarantee your project is delivered on time, within budget and to an exceptional standard. Our goal is to deliver successful, safe and sustainable client outcomes whilst building equitable relationships.

Cercol provides end to end project capabilities from total property and building solutions, feasibility and cost analysis, design and approval and construction to defect and maintenance phases. We guarantee that your project will be delivered successfully by our dedicated and professional team.

Since 2004 Cercol Construction Services Pty Ltd has undertaken eight projects at Canberra Airport totalling $17.66 million as either the Principal Builder or the Project Manager.

The projects include:

  • Fit out for international operations in the Terminal - $0.8m
  • Refurbishment of an office and warehouse complex at Fairbairn - $0.52m
  • Conversion of former Airman's Mess at Fairbairn into office accommodation and a call center including the fit out for Volante - $4.0m
  • Conversion of the former Officer's Mess at Fairbairn into a conference center and offices - $1.62m
  • Refurbishment of the former Airman's Tavern into a Cafe - $0.52m
  • Refurbishment of the former Defence IT Center including the upgrading of services - $1.9m
  • Refurbishment of Hangar 48 at Fairbairn to provide modern office accommodation and hangar space for aircraft - $1.8m
  • Refurbishment of Hangar 47 at Fairbairn to provide modern office accommodation, hangar space for aircraft and a fit out for the AFP - $6.5m

All these projects had their own peculiar complexities and required careful planning and execution of the works. The refurbishments have been undertaken in existing structures, some more than 60 years old and therefore required great attention to detail to provide modern commercial office accommodation whilst preserving the heritage qualities of the buildings.

The Cercol team has undertaken their work in a most professional manner and the quality of the workmanship has been excellent.

Cercol Construction Services is currently constructing a new hangar and office complex for Brindabella Airlines and I will have no hesitation to use them for future projects of a similar nature as and when required.

Ben RaynerDirector - ProjectsCanberra International Airport



Cercol's proven experience across a range of commercial settings and our innovative solutions will maximise the efficiency of your workspace and create a great impression.

Cercol Construction Services can project manage your entire office fitout from floorplan design, build, approvals, office furniture, data and electrical, mechanical, floor coverings, window treatments, right down to the smallest detail.

Our total package service means everything is integrated, seamless and easy.

With vast experience and extensive knowledge, our project managers will provide you with great service from conception to completion of your project. We have developed a reputation for supplying excellent products and services. Cercol look forward to being of assistance to your organization for your new look office fit-out.

Cercol's Fit-out and Refurbishment Division specialises in projects that involve the refurbishment or reconfiguration of existing buildings or tenancies, as well as the fit-out of new office accommodation, shopfronts and specialised practices such as dental and medical surgeries. The Division has the capacity to handle projects ranging from a few square metres to thousands. Our refurbishment personnel and subcontractors have extensive experience working in occupied buildings and take considerable pride in undertaking projects with minimal disruption to ongoing functions and workers.

The Cercol team's general workmanship has been excellent delivering a great finished product and the project has been undertaken in a most professional manner.

W.R. WarneExecutive ManagerQueanbeyan City Council



Our construction activities cover the whole range of civil engineering works to accompany a new or refurbished building, or we can manage a civil contract in its entirety. We have found that because of the high level of professional engineering expertise within the company we have naturally tended towards complex or challenging projects.



I like to speak of Australia's culture at present as one of creative search and not of denial of the past. It is in this positive way that all Australians should think about their heritage. We all have our favourite places on this earth. Places that touch a chord, remind us of something special, link us with our past. They may include a favourite fishing spot, a secluded inlet, the local post office, a lighthouse.

When we, as a community, feel this way about one or more places, they start to tell a story about who we are. They become chapters in the continuing tale of human history and as such constitute our heritage and that of generations to come.

Peter King, Past Chairman Australian Heritage Commission.

As in the Australian community, we here at Cercol have developed an understanding and passion for the conservation of the special places in our community.

As long term builders in our community, we have been given the opportunity to be involved in the conservation and restoration of some of Canberra's and of course Australia's most significant and iconic buildings such as The Australian War Memorial, Old Parliament House, Parliament House, the Sydney Building, and Kingston Fitters Workshop.

Other Services


Lift Upgrades

Cercol has had many years' experience in not only installing new lifts into new buildings, but we also specialise in retrofitting new lifts into existing spaces. This generally requires the establishment of a construction zone, demolition of the existing lift, upgrade of electrical services, building modifications to the lift shaft, installation of a new lift, and make good all affected areas. Cercol can undertake work for the lift company, building owners, architects, or engineers.


Cercol holds a Demolition licence that allows us to demolish BCA Class 1 –- 10 Buildings by hand and mechanical means. This can be incorporated in the construction of your new commercial building or home, or be a stand-alone demolition project.


Cercol has undertaken many interesting projects in the area of acoustics. These include the upgrade of lecture theatres and construction of new state of the art TV studios. Cercol can manage the process and assist in design right through to completion.

Facilities Management

Cercol holds facilities management contracts at various buildings in the ACT and surrounding areas. We specialise in a wide range of required works and tend to be the 'go to' company for building managers.

Minor Works

Cercol has a minor works division that handles projects generally under the 50K value. These works consist of minor alterations, after hours work, and general building maintenance. A lot of these works are of a 'do and charge' nature, but we are also happy to provide a 'lump sum' service.