I like to speak of Australia’s culture at present as one of creative search and not of denial of the past. It is in this positive way that all Australians should think about their heritage. We all have our favourite places on this earth. Places that touch a chord, remind us of something special, link us with our past. They may include a favourite fishing spot, a secluded inlet, the local post office, a lighthouse.

When we, as a community, feel this way about one or more places, they start to tell a story about who we are. They become chapters in the continuing tale of human history and as such constitute our heritage and that of generations to come.

Peter King, Past Chairman Australian Heritage Commission.

As in the Australian community, we here at Cercol have developed an understanding and passion for the conservation of the special places in our community.

As long term builders in our community, we have been given the opportunity to be involved in the conservation and restoration of some of Canberra’s and of course Australia’s most significant and iconic buildings such as The Australian War Memorial, Old Parliament House, Parliament House, the Sydney Building, and Kingston Fitters Workshop.