Other Services

Lift Upgrades

Cercol has had many years’ experience in not only installing new lifts into new buildings, but we also specialise in retrofitting new lifts into existing spaces. This generally requires the establishment of a construction zone, demolition of the existing lift, upgrade of electrical services, building modifications to the lift shaft, installation of a new lift, and make good all affected areas. Cercol can undertake work for the lift company, building owners, architects, or engineers.


Cercol holds a Demolition licence that allows us to demolish BCA Class 1 –- 10 Buildings by hand and mechanical means. This can be incorporated in the construction of your new commercial building or home, or be a stand-alone demolition project.


Cercol has undertaken many interesting projects in the area of acoustics. These include the upgrade of lecture theatres and construction of new state of the art TV studios. Cercol can manage the process and assist in design right through to completion.

Facilities Management

Cercol holds facilities management contracts at various buildings in the ACT and surrounding areas. We specialise in a wide range of required works and tend to be the ‘go to’ company for building managers.

Minor Works

Cercol has a minor works division that handles projects generally under the 50K value. These works consist of minor alterations, after hours work, and general building maintenance. A lot of these works are of a ‘do and charge’ nature, but we are also happy to provide a ‘lump sum’ service.