James Collet

Cercol Construction Services have untaken several projects at heritage-listed properties at the Australian National University since 2005.

The works carried out by cercol have included construction, re-roofing, re-glazing, re-painting, asbestos removal, minor repairs and alterations to some of Canberra’s most intact and valuable heritage properties. They have also provided a number of excellent cost estimates and general advice for heritage-related projects. Despite the challenges of heritage sites, Cercol have acted with care and ensure that any works were sympathetic to the heritage values of the different places; they have provided a sensible response to the projects briefs, met the specific requirements and discussed any variations.

Cercol has in-depth knowledge of heritage in the ACT region, and have demonstrated an understanding of the heritage values of the Australian National University campus. The Cercol team’s workmanship and execution of these projects has been excellent and are always carried out in a professional and sensible manner. Cercol has become a trusted company for works at ANU heritage sites and we will not hesitate to use them in the future.